What is a Wiring Harness?

Cars have many different electrical elements under the hood and in the dashboard. All these elements connect through a series of wires and fuses, known as a wiring harness. At Go Painless Wiring, we are here to make sure low quality parts don’t interrupt your weekend project. When you buy wiring harnesses from us, you can rest assured that each part is the highest quality and none of the pieces are missing.

Wiring Harness Categories

Wiring Harness Installation Tips

The wiring in a car can be complex, especially once you start adding extra lights, speakers or a winch. Wiring harnesses connect all the components of the electrical system together. When buying jeep or truck wiring harnesses it is very important for you to get one that is of the highest quality. Poorly made harnesses won’t conduct enough electrical current to power all the electronic components of the car and may need an early replacement.