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Alternator Wiring Kits

Are you thinking about installing a more powerful alternator? Does your starter have a habit of overheating? Have you installed more accessories than your alternator can handle? Then you have come to the right place to upgrade your alternator wiring. Here are Go Painless Wiring we offer a several different high amperage alternator wiring kits, as well as hot shot wiring kits. With a Painless Wiring high output alternator kit you will be able to install an alternator with up to 190 charger amps. Need to overcome some minor starting issues? Install a hot shot plus. Whatever you need to push the right amount of current through your truck or Jeep’s electrical system, you will find in the products below. We guarantee each wiring kit contains the strongest wiring parts made in the Fort Worth, TX area. Browse through our site and have your wiring kit shipped to your house for an affordable price today.