Do You Need a Flyback Diode Relay System?

Painless Wiring Track Rocker Relay Center from Painless Performance
The Track Rocker Relay System Uses a Flyback Diode Relay to Protect Your Wires.

When you're having a great time at the track, the last thing you want is a electrical failure under the hood. Traditional car relays may not be enough to protect your electrical elements from a power surge, especially those elements you switch on and off.  Painless Performance®™  created the Track Rocker relay system, which uses diode suppressed relays, also known as a flyback diode, to protect your wires. You can find the Track Rocker relay system in the Go Painless Store. Shop online today to prevent a serious problem with your racing car next weekend.

How Does a Flyback Diode Work?

Traditional relays provide an extra power source for your electrical components so as not to overload the battery. When power reaches the coil in the relay it creates a magnetic field. This pulls the hinged armature down to complete the circuit between the terminals and the relay center.

When the coil deenergizes --like when you flip a switch-- it causes the magnetic field around the coil to collapse. This sends a power surge through the wires in the opposite direction. Installing a flyback diode can prevent this surge of power. The flyback diode absorbs the voltage spike and spreads it across the relay center, preventing it from reaching your electrical elements.

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