How to Choose the Right Wiring Harness

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Are you working on a rewiring project for you car, truck or Jeep? Wondering how to choose a quality wiring harness? It's easier than you think to make sure you get the right harness for the job. Go Painless Wiring is here to help. We sell the finest wiring products manufactured right here in Fort Worth, TX. Whether you’re rewiring a classic truck, street rod or race car, Go Painless Wiring has the wiring harness you need. Browse through our online store today.

Choosing the Right Wiring Harness

The first step in choosing a harness is determining how many circuits you need.  A circuit is a wire that has been designated for a specific purpose. The number of circuits needed is equal to the number of electrical components. Typically, a harness has between 8 and 12 circuits. You can, however purchase them with as many as 24 circuits. The more accessories in your vehicle, the more circuits you need.

Regardless of the number of circuits you need in your wiring harness, you should buy a harness that is expandable. This allows you to add circuits in the future.  Expandable harnesses use a heavier gauge wire and are made to accommodate a higher amperage. They also tend of perform better than regular harnesses in extreme circumstances.

Order Your Wiring Harness Today

Whatever size wiring harness you need, Go Painless Wiring has you covered. Don’t waste your time shopping for a harness in an auto parts store when you can just order it online. Every wiring kit comes with an instruction manual, and you can always contact our staff at (817) 834-4900. Visit our website and start your next big wiring project today!

2 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Wiring Harness

  1. Jesse Hensley says:

    I have a 1978 GMC C15 step side truck that I am starting to build. I plan on using a 1986 Suburban with a 5.7 TBI, 700R4 as a donor for the drivetrain. I also plan on using the PW, PDL doors, cruise, delay wipe and tilt column from the Suburban. Also adding electric fuel pump and electric cooling fans.

    Is their a particular off-the-shelf kit for this, or is it something that would need to be made for this particular build?

    Thank You

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