Copper Wiring Means Better Quality

How do you know if your wiring harness is good quality? Does the type of wire used in the harness really matter that much? The people at Painless Performance believe it does. They are committed to creating high-quality wiring harnesses that are easy to install.  When you purchase a Painless Wiring product, you can rest assured that it has been made with full copper core wiring to provide the best possible connection. Other wiring harnesses may cost less money, but they won’t give you the same electrical current as the copper wiring from Painless Performance. Don’t waste your money on another cheap wiring harnesses from the auto parts store. Shop the Go Painless Wiring store and have your copper automotive wiring shipped straight to your house.  

14 Circuit Mustang Chassis Wiring Harness from Painless Performance Products
Painless Performance Uses Quality Copper Wiring to Create Their Wiring Harnesses.

What is Better About Copper Wiring?

Copper has a higher conductivity than other metals, such as aluminum.  This means that a copper core wire will be able to withstand a stronger surge before blowing out. If properly connected, copper wiring does not loosen or creep at a connection site.  In addition to its durability, copper wiring comes in smaller strands than other types of wiring, making it easy to install in even the tightest spaces.

Contact Go Painless Wiring

When you are looking for quality wiring harnesses, you can’t go wrong with Painless Performance Products. With their expert manufacturing and durable copper wiring you know you’re getting an excellent wiring harness.  Browse through the selection of Painless Wiring harness in the Go Painless store today or give us a call at (817) 834-4900 to learn more.

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