Automotive Wire Kit Sells Only the Most Durable Primary Automotive Wire.

Best Uses for Automotive Wire

Primary automotive wire can be used for almost any electrical projects, except for battery cables and spark plug wiring. It is a great choice for wiring in new lights or speakers. Even if you’re not adding any new accessories to your Jeep or truck, primary automotive wiring is a popular choice when you need to replace all the wires in your car. It is also commonly found in wiring harness kits.

Not All Wires Are the Same

Go Painless Wiring works with the Painless Wiring Company in Fort Worth, TX to provide the finest automotive electrical supplies.They create their automotive wire with a real copper core and cover it with cross-linked polyethylene. This creates a wire resistant to rust or corrosion. Rated to withstand up to 275 degrees, a Painless Wiring wire is a good choice for any of your under the hood wiring needs.

Painless Automotive Wire Products
A Painless Automotive Wire has a Higher Temperature Rating Than Other Primary Wires.

Get All Your Automotive Wiring Today

In addition to superior automotive wires, you can also browse the online store for all your other engine wiring needs. We offer switches, terminal connectors, wiring harnesses, circuit breakers and fuse blocks. Whether you need to replace some old worn out parts or are in the process of adding some new accessories, Go Painless Wiring can get you the supplies you need at an affordable price. Shop online or give us a call at (817) 834-4900. Our friendly staff is always happy to help with all your automotive wiring needs.